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One Space project launch: Ljubljana

Shared Spaces is an informal, intercontinental guerilla network of cultural organizers, festivals, international artists and curators from Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle-East and Europe. It focuses on theatre, dance and performance productions from the Southern parts of the world, with the aim to manage, co-produce, market and promote them. After meetings in Kinshasa (June 2013), Ramallah (April 2014), and Zürich (August 2014), Shared Spaces is coming to Ljubljana on April 18 and 19.

An important part of meeting in Ljubljana will be the launch of Open Space project, a collaboration between Alkantara (pt), Exodos Ljubljana (si) and KVS (be), focusing on colllusion in multidisciplinary creation of live arts between artists from Europe, Middle east (Palestine) and Africa. Open Space is supported by the EU program Creative Europe.


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