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First presentation:  5. XI. 2021 at 19:30, Cukrarna, Ljubljana

Renowned Slovenian choreographer, dancer and pedagogue Gregor Luštek with co-creators, artists from African and European countries, questions the desire for coexistence, which is intimate, but through the articulation of dreams develops into a joint exploration of social, historical and universal space. The struggles for the rights of those who think differently, pushed aside and humiliated have never ended, their stories are completely eluding us in the post-pandemic world, individual voices are becoming more and more repressed, unheard, silenced. And yet, the dream remains, here and now.


I Have a Dream not only seeks a common artistic language beyond economic and political frameworks, but also opens and confesses the dream world and weaves verbal, movement and musical ties in the unique stage coexistence of African and European artists.


Initially , Luštek was addressed by two things for the development of the play:

“In the journey through intimacy, we seek those truths that are extremely personal and at the same time essential for understanding social and collective functioning. In today's society, individualism prevails, without an ear for community and solidarity. "

“Dreams are like an elusive language in which the body disappears and invisible connections between us sprout.

Dreams are also hope, desires, reality itself, in which the body disappears… Dreams are dancing… The body is a story. The dance is the story of a story that disappears into a new day. "

author, choreographer: Gregor Luštek

co-authors: Korotomi Barro, Tchinatadi Ndjidda, Kristýna Šajtošova, Inti Šraj, Gregor Luštek

assistant director: Juš Zidar

music: Branko Rožman, Žigan Krajnčan

texts: Andreja Kopač, Juš Zidar

light design: Borut Bučinel

producers: Nataša Zavolovšek, Irena Silić (EXODOS)

production: EXODOS Ljubljana

co-production: Tamadia (bf), ZKM (hr)

support: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Ljubljana Municipality - Department of Culture, Cukrarna

thanks: Spanish Fighters Cultural Center, Vitkar

The project is co-financed by the European Union's Creative Europe - Culture program


10. 02. 2022, In-Out Dance Festival, Bobo Dioulasso (BF)

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