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One Space: Ramallah

29. September – 10. October 2015

The end of the month will bring us the 1st One Space Lab, a joint project of three art organizations the Exodos Institute Ljubljana (Slovenia), the KVS Brussels (Belgium) and the Alkantara (Portugal). International project with a focus on cooperation in a multidisciplinary creating living art, will be connecting artists from Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The project consists of four phases, which will be held in the next two years:

1st phase: 3 LAB’s

  • LAB 1: in Ramallah/ 29.9-10.10.2015 (focus: OBSTACLES)

  • LAB 2: in Kinshasa/13.-23. 12.2015 (focus: TIME)

  • LAB 3: in Lisbon/ 25.1.- 5.2.2015 (focus: PLACE/SPACE)

2nd phase: project development with mentors

Developing Station, Durban (Shared Spaces Meeting)/ March 2016

3rd phase: production with coaching

Ljubljana, Lisbon, and Brussels/ September-October 2016

4rd phase: presentation and tour

Brussels, Lisbon, Ljubljana, Ramallah/ October – May 2017

The project is supported by Creative Europe program (2015-2017).

1Space is organized by: the Exodos Institute Ljubljana (Ljubljana), the KVS National Theatre (Brussels) and Alkantara (Lisbon), in close collaboration with non-European partners: the Qattan Foundation (Ramallah), Faustin Linyekula’s Studios Kabako (Kisangani) and Boyzie Cekwana’s Floating Outfit Project (Durban).

The participating artists are: Ata Kattab (Palestine), Borut Bučinel (Slovenia), Remah Jabr (Palestine), Chuma Sopotela (South Africa), Nebie Adonis (Burkina Faso), Pasco Losaganya Kikunguru (RD Congo), Ahmad Tomasi (Palestine), Davor Sanvincenti (Croatia), Eyad Houssami (Syria/Lebanon), Momar K. Ndiaye (Senegal), Sofia Dinger (Portugal), Urândia Aragão (Portugal), Zina Zarour (Palestine) and Ana Teresa Ascensão (Portugal)


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