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How to express the idea of ​​nothing through singing, dancing, speaking, performing and intertwining it all? The research question that Krajnčan asked himself in the first performance of his solo project at the City Museum will take on different turn in Cukrarna as the new place of Fusion, while at the same time following the initial idea.

Where does an idea, tone, movement, word, thought come from? The word that best describes the origin of creation is Nothing. "All I'm trying to do is express my own vision of a complete work of art through a single person - and give the idea movement and voice," writes Žigan Kranjčan, adding: "Who I am and what I am does not define me. What I am is not what I want to become. I want to go where I have never been before. I wonder if Nothing will ever find me. There is nothing I could know or do because Nothing is the only thing I am not afraid to talk about. Nothing can go wrong except Nothing. ”

author, performer: Žigan Krajnčan

light, photography, video, sound recording: Borut Bučinel

sound design: Niko Nikson Komac

costume design: Uroš Belantič

music mentor: Lojze Krajnčan

editing and adaptation of texts: Andreja Kopač

producer: Nataša Zavolovšek (EXODOS), Blaž Peršin (MGML)


production: EXODOS Ljubljana

co-production: MGML - Museum and galleries of the city of Ljubljana, DreamArt, DIC - Student dormitory of Ivan Cankar

support: Municipality of Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia

First exhibition: 20. 09. 2020. City Museum of Ljubljana

Second exhibition: 13. 11. 2021 at 19:30. Confectionery, Ljubljana

Touring 2020–23:

  • Festival Laiks Dejot, Riga (LV)

  • 03. 02. In and Out, Bobo Dioulasso (BF)

  • 01. 05. Dance Fest, Skopje (MK)

  • 29. 05. 2022, Festival ZRVK, Sarajevo (BA)

  • 07. 10. 2022, Kreatorij DIC, Ljubljana (SI)

As a choreographer and/or movement advisor Žigan Krajnčan (1995) often collaborates with renowned directors, while in 2016 he began co-creating as an independent artist with Gašper Kunšek, head of the Urbana Scena dance school. With their own productions Alien Express and Chorus they are still successfully impressing audiences across the USA, China and Europe.


by: Borut Bučinel


by Borut Bučinel



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