For more than a quarter of a century, EXODOS Ljubljana has been creatively co-creating world performing arts with an effective but demanding formula: combining the new and the established, the daring and the classical. When someone in particular catches our eye, we connect more closely, for a longer period of time, into an effective creative process. 


BORUT BUČINEL (1983) is a director, choreographer, dancer, set designer, video designer ... always and everywhere a light designer and photographer, as he creatively focuses on exploring the light, scenography, space and atmosphere that a living artistic composition brings.

When he "paints the light", Borut adds to our project and performances totally new dimensions.



Buč, PhotoTina VrbnjakBW.jpg

Dancer, choreographer, performer, actor, singer, musician, educator and initiator ŽIGAN KRAJNČAN (1995) was born into music.

Together we created Alien Express, Chorus, Love Me Tender




GREKOR LUŠTEK (1973) creates in the field of theatre and dance as a dancer, choreographer and assistant director, occasionally also as an actor. His dance knowledge encompasses a range of dance techniques, from ballet to contact improvisation, and his basic guideline in expression and recognition is movement based on the anatomical structure of the body. He collaborates with important creators of international contemporary dance art and with local theatre directors. In a creative tandem with choreographer and dancer Rosana Hribar, he is the recipient of numerous national and international awards. As an educator with over 20 years of experience, he has taught in numerous courses and workshops at home and around the world.

Together we created Cradle. As a pedagogue and professional associate, he participates in our international projects: Share, One Space, China–CEEC/Summer dance camp.




Ahmed Tobasi & Chuma Sopotela: Let's talk about sex: The beginning of the war (2018)  Maciek Salamon & Nedjelko Delčev: Bird House Gallery (2014) • Skupina Škart: Papirint (2014) Loup Adamovici & Bara Kolenc & Teja Reba: Love is the answer, what is the question (2014) Loup Adamovici & Teja Reba: 650 experiences (2011) Ana Frank & Paula Mcfetridge & Laurence Mckeown: Build to Contain (2013) Snježana Premuš: Move As (2010), Dolly My Body (2009), Ti (2008)  Venelin Shurelov: Labirynth of Art (2010) • Janez Janša: Fake It (2009) Leja Jurišić & Teja Reba: Between Us (2009) Leja Jurišić: Weakness (2008), R’Z’R (2005)  Jurij Konjar: Ullyses (2008) • Ivan Peternelj: A Steady Tin Soldier (2007), Avgusta (2005), Being Someone Else (2004) Andreja Rauch: Weavers (2007) Alix Eunaydi: Super Natural (2006) Matej Kejžar: Simultaneously (2006), Senser (2005), Temporary Autonomous Zone (2005) Jurij KonjarGabrilele Nankivel: Hotel in the Open (2006) • Ana Stegnar: Thirst (2006) Boštjan Antončič: Porcelain Me (2005) Magdanela Rieter: Moment (2004) Ivan Taljančič & Wax Factory Cleansed (2003).