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One Space: Kinshasa

13. — 23 December, 2015

From December 13 through 23, a group of young artists coming from Africa, the Middle East and Europe will participate in the second Lab in the framework of the EU project 1Space, taking place in Kinshasa (RDC).

How do we create? How does art relate to life? How does our context (economic, cultural, political) interact with the work we produce?

Fourteen artists join forces to tackle these questions. Under the name 1Space they collaborate intensively for a number of months to offer a deeper mutual insight in their artistic practices and the possibilities and limitations of their specific working environments. Their exchange is explicitly horizontal, and aims to fight the imbalance that so often contaminates the north-south dialogues.

Starting from a broad platform around concepts of “re-imagine” and “re-present”, 1Space develops a series of labs that each address specific questions. A first lab for instance, last October in a tempestuous Palestine, focused on obstacles and barriers, and a third lab, end of January 2016 in Lisbon, will tackle time-related questions.

The upcoming lab in Kinshasa will work around concepts of space and place, under the guidance of the Palestinian architect Sandi Hilal (of the Decolonizing Architecture Institute) and Brussels based visual artist and scenographer Jozef Wouters.

In a later phase, starting in Durban in March 2016, the group will start to create productions that will be presented in theatres and festivals in Europe and beyond.

The project is supported by Creative Europe program (2015-2017).

1Space is organized by: the Exodos Institute Ljubljana (Ljubljana), the KVS National Theatre (Brussels) and Alkantara (Lisbon), in close collaboration with non-European partners: the Qattan Foundation (Ramallah), Faustin Linyekula’s Studios Kabako (Kisangani) and Boyzie Cekwana’s Floating Outfit Project (Durban).

The participating artists are: Ata Kattab (Palestine), Borut Bučinel (Slovenia), Remah Jabr (Palestine), Chuma Sopotela (South Africa), Nebie Adonis (Burkina Faso), Pasco Losaganya Kikunguru (RD Congo), Ahmad Tomasi (Palestine), Davor Sanvincenti (Croatia), Eyad Houssami (Syria/Lebanon), Momar K. Ndiaye (Senegal), Sofia Dinger (Portugal), Urândia Aragão (Portugal), Zina Zarour (Palestine) and Ana Teresa Ascensão (Portugal)


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Photo: Borut Bučinel


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