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Gloria (21). Valery (36). Gregor (49). Olga (61). Representatives of four generations of dancers (with the help of the director) conduct a performative interview. Each of them experiences their own piece of “time,” but they all live in the present here, now, in the moment. They paint and create a moving (inter) journey of experiences, memories, dreams and fears. It seems as if the fragments of their lives are thickening the space and time unfolding backwards ... And as they unfold their past, a reversal occurs: INTER-VIEW * develops a new personality, with multiple identities, and when that latter finally notices the spectator, looks deep into his eyes, heart, bones and asks, "Who are you, my friend?"


* The word interview refers to a structured conversation where one participant asks questions and the other answers. Interviews can also be unstructured, voluntary, and open conversations without a pre-determined plan or pre-determined questions.

director, choreographer: Žigan Krajnčan

assistant director and dramaturgy: Nina Kuclar Stikovič

co-authors, performers: Olga Zitluhina, Gregor Luštek, Valery Olehno, Glory Shpis, Ian Hotko

text: Žigan Krajnčan, Andreja Kopač

dramaturgy: Andreja Kopač

arch design: Borut Bučinel

producers: Nataša Zavolovšek (EXODOS), Baiba Ozolina (PARTY)


co-production: EXODOS Ljubljana, PARTY (LV)

support: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia


Premiere: 20. 06. 2021, Riga (LV).

Slovenian premiere: 12. 11. 2021 at 19:30, Cukrarna, Ljubljana

Touring: 11. 04. 2022, Dance Fest, Skopje (MK)

As a choreographer and/or movement advisor Žigan Krajnčan (1995) often collaborates with renowned directors, while in 2016 he began co-creating as an independent artist with Gašper Kunšek, head of the Urbana Scena dance school. With their own productions Alien Express and Chorus they are still successfully impressing audiences across the USA, China and Europe.


by: Borut Bučinel

by Julia Zitluhina

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