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CORNERS Passport

One of the key aspects of CORNERS is audience participation and co-creation with artists. Many of our projects are designed in a way to carry the stories from one corner of Europe into another, so co -creation with the audience and their input are crucial for the content. For some time we’ve been thinking about how to get the feedback from the audiences. How to find out what they liked and what was not so great about our work? But we were also thinking how to design an evaluation tool that would be interesting and that would leave something for the person making the survey.

CORNERS Passport is a guide for the audience through the Corners journey and a tool to document how the audience felt about CORNERS projects. As an audience visits CORNERS program, and goes through the evaluation, passport pages are being eliminated, since one doesn’t need them any more. The document will be replaced with memories and feelings – those precious immaterial things that can be taken wherever one goes.

“For us, CORNERS partners, organizers, artists and researchers, this document have a symbolic meaning. It is our opportunity to enter into a dialogue with you. To hear your opinions, your suggestions and your feelings related to your CORNERS experience. CORNERS has still a long way to go. The trip does not end here. CORNERS will travel during 2016 and 2017 to other European cities. Different European citizens and visitors will see different CORNERS artworks and will use the passport to document their own experience.

We wonder how close their feelings and reactions will be to yours… We wonder how a CORNERS artwork is received in another corner of Europe… And we wonder what we can do to improve CORNERS. Can you help us with this?

Have a safe and enjoyable CORNERS voyage!”

Corners Passport is created by Donostia / San Sebastian 2016 team and Leisure Studies Institute of the Deusto University research team. You can find it Belfast @ Belfast International Arts Festival, and in the future – in some other places across Europe.


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