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CORNERS in Belfast @ Belfast International Arts Festival

In October 2015 Belfast International Arts Festival will host CORNERS event. A selection of projects, all of which are free to the public, are featured in CORNERS Belfast event, which largely take place in non-traditional and public spaces across the city.

Come and experience site-specific works in public spaces such as Windows at the New Lodge housing estate and look out for two very special installations, Oh My Home! and Bridging the Silence in city centre locations to be announced in September. The beautiful Mill at Conway Street plays host to Atlas of Tremors whilst the students of Hazelwood Integrated College work with alongside two artists in residence to create Birdhouse Gallery. With exhibitions, screenings and events at The Golden Thread Gallery and the Queen’s Film Theatre, Belfast plays host to over twenty artists in residence creating a range of interactive and participatory installations and artworks inspired by this corner of Europe.


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