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NATAŠA ZAVOLOVŠEK is a producer and the director of Exodos Ljubljana, Slovenia (

As executive producer or leader of the projects she completed: 50 theatre or dance projects with Slovene and foreign artists, 20 festival editions (Moving Cake, Exodos festival, Transdance Europe festival), organization of 163 touring in Europe and abroad, one real park, the Labyrinth of Art in Ljubljana. In 2012 she was also executive producer for international performing projects in Cultural capital city Maribor 2012. She was coordinator producer for Corners project 2013-2017, One space project 2015-2017 ( Europe, Middle east-Africa) and she was the producer of 1st and 2nd. Summer dance camp In China 2015-2016.  In 2017 she produced first dance coproduction between China and CEEC counties, The Cradle.  At the moment she is the lead producers and coordinator of new EU: Africa: Middle east project Share 2019-2025.

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BORUT CAJNKO, born in 1956. Graduated 1981 from the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. Official status of free-lance theatre artist since 1985 and also free-lance translator since 1989.

Created, collaborated, and worked in countless projects and productions in theatre, film, fine arts, music, video and performance by different artists, groups, and institutes in Slovenia and abroad (as founding member, lighting designer, sound designer, actor, organiser, tour manager, technician, technical producer/director). Technically produced and coordinated numbers of international performing arts festivals in Slovenia (Ana Desetnica, Ana Mraz, Moving Cake, Exodos, Lighting Guerrilla, Spider, Naked Stage, Sonica, Terminal/ECC Maribor 2012) and abroad (Black/North Seas, Corners of Europe, 1Space, Share).

Organised and led several study expeditions for the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana (Kenya, China, Peru, Spain).

Translated over 30 books and countess essays and other papers in the domain of sociology, anthropology, culture, and art.

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