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Siniša Labrović: a Pilgrimate to Modern Art

A group of artists working at the Centre of activities Fužine (CAF) will on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at 9.00 depart on a pilgrimage to modern art. They want to visit the 8th Triennial of Contemporary Art – U3. The organizer of the pilgrimage is a renowned Croatian artist Siniša Labrović. On this occasion the artist will officially give to the Museum of Modern Art a video documentation of his work “Dressing of the wounded” that will be included in a traveling exhibition “Trails of Revolution: Memorial Tourism in Socialist Yugoslavia”.

Artists will walk on the following routes: Path to Fužine – Street Mira Mihelič – Kajuhova street – along the Ljubljanica – Poljane embankment – Kopitarjeva street – Petkovšek embarkment – Three bridges – Čopova street – Cankarjeva street – Museum of Modern Art. On the way to the museum, artists will visit an exhibition of Marija Strnad at the University Medical Center Ljubljana and a gallery Dobra vaga under the Plečnik’s Arcades. Attending artists will express themselves with various techniques: watercolor, acrylic, mosaic, lace, ceramics, performance, music. Each artist will be wearing one of his works of art. Expected arrival to the Museum of Modern Art is at 11 am.

All interested parties are kindly invited to warmly welcome and support artists on their path. If anyone wishes, he/she can also join the pilgrimage. The Museum of Modern Art will prepare a special guided tour through the 8th Triennial of Contemporary Art – U3 for the artsits.

The pilgrimage to modern art is a part of program of cultural happening CORNERS Triangle Ljubljana.


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